Executive Committee
Mary Cummins (treasurer), Molly Parrish (vice chair), Mary Ryan (secretary), Lisa Walker (chair)

Cate Devereux, Bessie McLean, Missy Pearson, Lisa Walker

Social Committee
Bessie McLean (chair), Sarah Harper, Victoria Boucher, Louise Higgins, Cate Devereux

Home Accessibility and Safety
Pat Yinkey (chair), Mary Stevenson, Bessie McLean, Sally Middlebrooks

* This Committee also deals with Public Access in Hyattsville and Snow Removal policy issues.
* Snow removal requests will go to Volunteer Steering Committee.

Outreach, Neighbor Recruitment, Marketing and Communications
Cate Devereux, Rachel Goldberg, Kathy Foxhall, Leigh Higgins, Heather Olson, Molly Parrish, Libby Perl, Mary Ryan, Lisa Walker (chair), Courtney Wattai

Program – Events
Mary Ryan (chair), Libby Perl, Cate Devereux

Volunteer Network Steering Committee
Kris Aulenbach, Cate Devereux, Sally Middlebrooks (chair), Grace Papagiannis, Libby Perl, Molly Parrish

Intergenerational Programs
Mary Stevenson, Cate Devereux

Mary Cummins, Libby Perl

Informal Crafts Group
Heidi Mitchell (organizer)

Committees welcome all who are interested.  Contact the chair or organizer to learn of meeting dates and times.