How It Works

How It Works
What you can do to make the system work effectively:

• Call early; give HAP time to locate a volunteer: For best results, call the HAP office a week before the service is needed.

• Be clear about the service you need. The volunteer is only prepared to respond to the request you initially make. If other needs arise, make another request through the network.

• Report promptly to the HAP office any accidents or injuries, however slight, that affect you when you are with a Volunteer

• HAP wants to know about your experience and any suggestions you may have, so expect feedback calls and help us improve the service.

What to expect when driven by volunteers:

• Background checks: HAP volunteers have passed a basic background check and those offering to drive have passed a check of their driving record.

• Safe drivers: volunteers are expected to drive safely, obey traffic laws, and report promptly to HAP any accident, injury, or moving violation while on assignment. Volunteers use their own auto insurance coverage

• Costs: You are expected to pay all parking fees. Volunteers do not expect reimbursement for their gas or any gifts for their help. If you wish, ask about making a donation to HAP.

What volunteers cannot do:

• No pills/ no professional advice: volunteers will not offer or provide any personal care or health-related services such as administering medications or helping you bathe; and they will not offer any medical, financial, or legal advice. (If you need help in these area, the HAP can refer you to the City of Hyattsville Senior Services Coordinator who will talk to you about your needs and provide a referral.)

• Physical assistance: volunteers are not trained to provide physical assistance or personal care services such as bathing or using the restroom. Be alert to accident prevention – don’t let volunteers cannot take on tasks beyond their physical capabilities or take on tasks that will make you unsafe.

• Emergencies: volunteers are not trained to offer medical help in an emergency, Volunteers will call 911 and wait with you.

Policies and Principles:

• Protecting Privacy: Except when your safety may be at risk, the HAP Volunteer will not share any personal information about you with others. Your privacy is important to HAP

• Elder abuse: We all, volunteer and neighbor, should report any financial, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to the appropriate authorities. If a HAP member behaves in any that could be seen as inappropriate, abusive, offensive, threatening, or exploitive, report that behavior to HAP and to other authorities.

• No Discrimination: HAP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or disability in its programs or policies.