Our Mission

Our mission is to help Hyattsville residents stay in their homes and remain active in the community as they age.

We are dedicated to providing information and assistance to help residents achieve these goals, with independence, dignity, comfort, and safety.

Hyattsville Aging in Place (HAP) is a nonprofit organization that is committed to:

(1) identifying services needed by those over age 60, with a special emphasis on health, transportation and safety;

(2) developing information and resources to support policy and programs oriented to those over age 60;

(3) building a network of volunteers and service providers who can assist those aging;

(4) educating residents about what to expect in the aging process and understanding the time as one of opportunity, growth and wisdom;

(5) monitoring activities of local, state, and other agencies to determine that these goals are met; and

(6) other activities that may be fun and helpful to seniors in the City of Hyattsville.