About Us

About Us

Hyattsville Aging in Place (HAP) is a volunteer-run nonprofit village dedicated to helping Hyattsville residents as they age in our community.  (Villages are grassroots organizations around the country focused on supporting seniors.)

We provide volunteer services, educational and social events and help advocate for the interests of our neighbors.  Our services are available to residents of the City of Hyattsville over the age of 60.

HAP got started in 2011 and has provided rides, help with yard work, installed smoke detectors, moved furniture, shoveled snow and regularly visited with neighbors.

HAP is funded through yearly membership dues  and generous donations and grants. HAP membership is only $35 per year for individuals and $40 total for a couple ($20 for each). We are supported by a great group of volunteers who keep the organization running and provide services to our neighbors.  Our volunteers are trained and must pass a background check before working with HAP’s neighbors.

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Our mission is to help Hyattsville residents stay in their homes and remain active in the community as they age.

We are dedicated to providing information and assistance to help residents achieve these goals, with independence, dignity, comfort, and safety.

Hyattsville Aging in Place (HAP) is a nonprofit organization that is committed to:

  1. identifying services needed by those over age 60, with a special emphasis on health, transportation and safety;
  2. developing information and resources to support policy and programs oriented to those over age 60;
  3. building a network of volunteers and service providers who can assist those aging;
  4. educating residents about what to expect in the aging process and understanding the time as one of opportunity, growth and wisdom;
  5. monitoring activities of local, state, and other agencies to determine that these goals are met; and
  6. other activities that may be fun and helpful to seniors in the City of Hyattsville.

Non-Discrimination Policy

HAP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status in any of its activities or operations.

Board and Committees

Our Directors are elected at our fall annual meeting and serve three year terms.  Our Executive Committee officers are elected annually.

Chair:  Vacant

Vice Chair: Denise Snyder, serving on board until 2026

Secretary: Leigh Higgins, serving on board until 2025

Treasurer: Lisa Walker, serving on board until 2024

Ann Barrett, serving until 2026

Jeanne Benas, serving until 2026

Bette Dickerson, serving until 2024

Edna Little, serving until 2024

Cheryl Mawo, serving until 2025

Patricia Page, serving until 2024

Outreach Committee – focuses on the neighbors we serve
Co-Chairs – Lisa Walker and Cheryl Mawo

Volunteer Steering Committee – focuses on our great volunteers
Chair – Leigh Higgins

Finance Committee – plans our budgets and funding
Chair – Lisa Walker

Publicity Committee – helps get the word out about HAP and our events
Chair – Carter Ross

Program Committee – plans educational and social events
Chair – vacant

Board Development – supports the leaders of our organization
Co-Chairs -Leigh Higgins and Libby Perl