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Hyattsville Aging in Place (HAP) is committed to making Hyattsville an age-friendly community for people of all ages.  We know that, in general, age is just a number, and that what that number means depends more on your health, your genes, your attitude, and your life situation.  As an organization we welcome you regardless of what your interests are or your needs are.

HAP can provide volunteers to drive and run errands. It can connect you to others who have similar interests.  It can provide information on arts and exercise programs – or on legal assistance or health programs.

HAP plans social events and it also provides informational meetings to help all of us age happier and healthier – for example, on fall prevention or critical documents, on the benefits of games and fun or on offsetting housing costs or changes in Medicare.  If this is what you are interested in, see our calendar or let us know what you are looking for. Call 301-887-3101 or email us at For more information, go here.

If you are a senior who needs assistance because:

  • You are no longer driving
  • You get along ok but need some help with small home repairs or yard assistance
  • You live alone and would like a friendly visitor or phone call
  • You drive but can’t because you are in physical therapy
  • You need some changes in your home in order for it to be safer for you to stay there

Hyattsville Aging in Place is committed to helping Hyattsville seniors age happily and in health.  Our volunteers stand ready to assist you and we invite you to help others in the ways that you can.  Our motto:  Offer what you can, ask for what you need.

Volunteers helping with yard work.
Holiday luncheon

How it Works

If you are over 60 years old or have a disability and live within the City of Hyattsville boundaries, HAP can help you. To get started, click on the “get support” button below and fill out the form. A staff member will call you to get more information and explain how HAP can help. We will ask questions about your health, your doctors and people you rely on. We will also ask you to sign a waiver and a document indicating you understand how the process works. All residents who receive services are asked to join HAP as a member (cost is $35 a year).

It’s as easy as….

Once your application is complete and you are signed up, you call 301-887-3101 when you want to request help and we will record what you want and then search for a volunteer. Once the volunteer has agreed, we convey your name and address and the volunteer calls you to arrange the time.

Giving us at least a week is the best way to assure that we can find a volunteer so we ask that you call us a week in advance!

Here are some of our services:  

  • Rides to doctors’ appointments, shopping and personal
  • Occasional household chores
  • Pet care if needed occasionally
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Fresh vegetables in the summer
  • Friendly calls and visits
  • Referrals to vendors and government services
  • Assistance in filling out applications
  • Equipment loan

What HAP doesn’t do…

HAP does not provide personal services (bathing, help with dressing).  We also do not get involved in handling finances or providing nursing or health support. We also do not provide ongoing services, such as cleaning or ongoing yard care.  

But we can…  

HAP can also refer you to vendors who can provide ongoing personal services or home repairs and yard care.  And we have a lending closet if you need an equipment loan.  Call and see if we have it. 301-887-3101.