Programs and Activities

Programs & Activities

HAP provides a variety of broad-ranging programs and activities throughout the year with the goal of assisting members to remain connected, active, and engaged.  From practical to educational to safety-conscious to social, we endeavor to provide activities that help our members thrive during this exciting and vibrant time of our lives.

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Educational and Social Programs

The Aging Drama: A Legal & Practical Guide to Reducing the Drama of Aging

This online educational event featured local elder law attorney Julie A. Schejbal, CHTD, discussing ways to anticipate and manage legal issues that can lead to drama in aging. Click here to view a recording of the event, including the Q&A session.

Protecting Your Future: Estate Planning & Long-Term Care

This online educational event featured local elder law attorney Jennifer Brandi, Esq., discussing how to prepare for long-term care needs with an eye towards protecting assets. Click here to view a recording of the event, including the Q&A session.

COVID-19: It’s Complicated

This online educational event featured popular local gerontologist Dr. Stephanie Trifoglio discussing COVID-19 and what older adults need to know about the coronavirus and how to avoid catching it. Click here to view a recording of the event, including the Q&A session.

Demystifying Dementia

This is an awareness/information event featuring popular local gerontologist, Dr. Stephanie Trifoglio, that covers symptoms, screening tools and community resources available to help support friends and family members living with dementia.  The program also features tips for enhancing brain health.

Valentine Party

HAP provides all the supplies, including instant photos, to make and personalize those special valentines for family and for our senior members (delivered as ‘secret’ valentines).  This event is for all age groups and includes live music.

Series on Fall Prevention

This series of programs presented the causes and evidence-based interventions designed to significantly reduce falls, one of the leading causes of injury among older adults.

Smart Aging Fair

The annual fair that has included, but is not limited to issues such as housing help, fall prevention, technology fixes, travel and trips, Medicare issues, caregiving, memory screening, free blood pressure/other screening and many other important topics.

Law Day

This event enables seniors to meet with an attorney to discuss the Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Wills/Advance Directives.  Assistance with filling out the forms is provided during the event at no cost to area seniors.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Christmas in April

HAP has successfully partnered with Christmas in April whose mission is to rehabilitate the houses of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and people with disabilities, so that they may continue to live in warmth, safety and independence.  

Habitat for Humanity

HAP collaborates with HFH and the City of Hyattsville on two programs:

Aging in Place/CAPABLE – provides an OT (6 visits) and a Nurse (4 visits) to assist in identification of challenges and finding solutions to aging in place problems for seniors 65+ who are income eligible. It can provide for minor home repairs and modifications; grab bars/door levers; assistance in fall prevention; and assistive devices.  It can also make other repairs/weatherization (with matching funds) that are more major. This program was created at Johns Hopkins and been shown to make improvements in seniors’ safety. A cognitive assessment is required.

A second program, also income-based, is for home repairs including; roofs, plumbing, exterior doors, porches, ramps, electrical, insulation, HVAC, and is open to all ages but funds are much more limited and priority is for those who are in the CAPABLE program.  

HAP publicizes the programs, assists with the application process and follows the senior resident after the end of the program.

Safe Homes

In partnership with Prince George’s County Fire Department, HAP volunteers meet with neighbors to assess fire risk and safety steps to make homes more safe. Volunteers also install fire department approved ten-year smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Snow Removal

When there is snowfall in Hyattsville, HAP’s emergency phone tree goes into action to call neighbors and offer to help shovel their sidewalks and driveways.  This is a collaboration with the City of Hyattsville and the Hyattsville Youth Club.

Yard Clean-up

HAP has collaborated with young volunteers, through the Girl Scouts and the University of Maryland, as well as the Hyattsville Youth Club, to help neighbors with occasional yard maintenance, including raking leaves, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, and even doing some planting.

Vegetable Delivery

During the summer, HAP members grow vegetables in the Community Garden and coordinate volunteers to pick up vegetable bundles donated by members of the Community Garden and deliver them to frail seniors.  The deliveries continue through the growing season.


An annual event during which Franklins will give HAP 20% of all sales for lunch and dinner, wine and beer, and gifts in the store. All participants have to do is turn in their receipts to the host desk or the store checkout counter and say it’s for the HAP fundraiser.

100 Years of Ice Cream at the University of Maryland College Park

Join University of Maryland dairy scientist Dr. Mark A. Varner to learn about ice cream and the University of Maryland’s century-long connection…