The Great Caterpillar Factory & Our Backyard Birds

Brood X cicadas were humming on May 22, but they were just a lucky treat for Maryland’s birds this year. In the typical year, May is when the great caterpillar factories of eastern North America are in full production. You’ll hear their engines humming as they munch away in woodlots or mature trees. For songbirds, this is a sign the bounty that fuels the mating, nest-building and parenting is going on right now in our backyards. Science writer and College Park resident Rick Borchelt provided a look at some of the common birds that depend on these caterpillar factories and the ecology of our suburban landscapes.

The event was part of the Route 1 Corridor Conversations series organized by Hyattsville Aging in Place, Helping Hands University Park, Neighbors Helping Neighbors College Park, and Explorations on Aging College Park.

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